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Ideal DVD Copy 3.2.1 official version helps you backup the newest DVDs

Ideal DVD Copy 3.2.1 official version overcame the new tricks in the latest DVDs, such as "Spirit", "Twilight", "Doubt_Us", "Bolt" etc.

Ideal DVD Software have just released the official version 3.2.1 recently to defeat the new protection in the latest DVDs, such as "Spirit", "Twilight", "Doubt_Us", "Bolt" etc.
In April, the movie producer released a lot of new DVDs, and they put the new tricks in those DVDs as before. After receiving users' report, Ideal DVD software quickly find a solution and update Ideal DVD Copy immediately. So far, Ideal DVD Copy 3.2.1 version can backup the most popular editions of the above DVDs. Users who need to copy those DVDs, please first download the version 3.2.1 from http://www.idealdvdcopy.com/download.htm to have a try. And we suggest you check the copied DVD carefully after copying in order to ensure you have made a perfect copy.

But of course, every DVD has many different eidtions, if you still failed, please send all .bup files of the original DVD to them. You may just click the icon on the left top of the window of Ideal DVD Copy, then click "Export bup files" and save it. Then please enclose the exported files in the email. They'll analyze them and help you as soon as possible.

In this version, they also improved main movie function. Before, they listed the DVD as "VTS PGC", now, they use "Title PGC" to display all the content of the DVD. Because it's more difficult to know which title is the real main movie in the recent DVDs. So they changed the list method, and suggest users to first play the DVD on your DVD player to check which title is the main movie, then go back to Ideal DVD Copy and choose the corresponding "Title number" to copy to avoid copying an incorrect main movie.

Source: idealdvdcopy.com

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