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 New iPhone should boost multimedia handsets: Nokia

HELSINKI (Reuters) - Nokia, the world's largest cellphone maker, sees a new 3G version of Apple's iPhone boosting sales of multimedia handsets.

Apple's follow-on to the original iPhone, which launched in a blaze of publicity about a year ago, is widely expected to be the main attraction when its head, Steve Jobs, takes the stage at Apple's developers' conference later on Monday.

Senior Vice President of Nokia Markets, Anssi Vanjoki, said technological convergence, where consumer electronics, information technology and various internet services are integrating into one platform was happening fast, even as some economies slowed.

A new iPhone would further emphasize that, Vanjoki told Reuters on Monday, bringing more traffic, coverage and users to telecom operators' 3G services.

"Convergence will strengthen through such a significant company such as Apple coming to that field," Vanjoki said.

"From the perspective of operator business this is an extremely good issue."

Apple has declined to comment on what Jobs is set to announce. But analysts expect him to show a long-rumored device running on 3G networks, particularly important for the European markets, where building new networks has been more advanced than in the United States and where iPhone sales have lagged.

Vanjoki said Nokia has estimated the market this year for multimedia handsets, or what it calls converged devices, to be 180 million units. 

Nokia is set to launch a touchscreen handset, a prominent feature in the iPhone, in the latter half of the year, Vanjoki said.

He added Nokia would unveil touchscreen products for all of the handset price segments, rather than just for the higher-end, where its rivals' handsets with touchscreens are.

"Currently, the market for touchscreen products is a niche market. We always aim for a situation where we can cover all the segments with all the options," Vanjoki said.

"We will introduce products from the very low segment to the highest one featuring this type of functionality."

Nokia's Korean rival, Samsung launched earlier on Monday a new touchscreen smartphone, branded Omnia, just hours before Apple's event.

© Sami Torma  Source: www.reuters.com

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