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Nedgame will not stock PSP Go, has go at Sony

The Dutch-based retailer Nedgame has posted on its website that they refuse to stock the new PSP Go handheld, citing a few reasons as to why they will not.

According to the site, they will continue to support the PSP-3000 model in "abundance" but they will not stock the Go, ever.

The reasons the retailer posted for not stocking the Go are as follows (original text was in Dutch):

- The Go has a much higher MSRP, at 249 euro compared to 169 euro for the 3000 model.

- No UMD drive means games MUST be purchased through Sony, at a price determined by Sony.

- No chance of reselling the games or trading with friends.

- No chance of buying the games cheaper, used.

- No way to play imported games (US, EU, J)

- All games you "virtually" purchase become "virtually worthless" after the purchase.

Giving a final go at Sony, the company adds that the Go handheld creates a monopoly for Sony, while taking away freedom of choice from the consumer.

Source: Afterdown

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