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Framework enables multimedia handsets

The Sasken Application Framework is now available on both TI's LoCosto and OMAP-Vox platforms, providing a solution that is completely reusable and scalable from low to mid-tier mobile phones across both platforms.

The Sasken Application Framework on the TI OMAPV1030 OMAP-Vox platform offers a highly advanced solution for rich media phones with features such as video record and play, audio-video streaming, Bluetooth stereo headsets, touchpad with handwriting recognition, as well as messaging solutions and browser, amongst other features. The smart design and intelligence of the Sasken Application Framework leverages the strengths of the OMAP-Vox platform delivering excellent media performance without the need for co-processors.

Furthermore, the Sasken Application Framework enables handset manufacturers to flexibly reuse software across silicon platforms without losing either maturity or the ability to customise the look and feel to reflect their brand.

Edwin Moses Vice President and Head of Products at Sasken said: 'The speed with which we have been able to port the Sasken Application Framework from LoCosto to the OMAP-Vox platform is an exciting offering to our customers and clearly demonstrates the resulting benefits - such as shorter time to market and lower total cost of ownership'.

'It also demonstrates the continued close co-operation between TI and Sasken in providing the market with solutions that are scalable and reusable across TI's wireless solutions'.

'As a member of TI's Application Suite Ecosystem, we are continuing our close co-operation between the companies to provide the market with solutions that are scalable across TI's 2.5G wireless portfolio'.

The Sasken Application Framework is aimed at feature phones and enables manufacturers to create differentiated mobile phones by enabling software reuse and portability across phone designs and platforms.

The innovative and smart design, along with the extensive tool suite, simplifies the handset manufacturers' ability to add and remove features in accordance with the segment of the market that they wish to address with their phones.

It enables OEMs and ODMs to customise the look and feel of the phones within short time spans without disturbing the underlying software logic.

The solution leverages Sasken's proven strengths in multimedia, enabling rich media experience on feature phones leveraging TI's OMAP-Vox platform without the need for additional coprocessors, thereby reducing the manufacturers' BOM cost.

'The integration of the Sasken Application Framework on TI's OMAPV1030 and LoCosto solutions will allow manufacturers to reuse designs and achieve faster time to market for low to mid-range handsets', said Remi El-Ouazzane, General Manager of TI's 2.5G Business.

'As a member of TI's Applications Suite Ecosystem, Sasken brings their experience on TI's wireless platforms to deliver affordable multimedia features on mass-market handsets based on TI's LoCosto and OMAP-Vox solutions'.

Sasken's relationship with TI in the mobile phone space is built on many years of co-operation and spans across segments from multimedia feature phones to smartphones.

The Sasken Multimedia Subsystem integrated on TI's OMAP platforms have been shipping for the last five years in demanding markets like Japan and Europe.

As a certified OMAP technology Centre, Sasken has significantly enhanced its knowledge and expertise on OMAP processor-based solutions.

Source: ElectronicsTalk.com

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