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MULTIMEDIA: Can video art save our planet?

It’s the hottest topic in the news at the moment – how can we be greener and more environmentally friendly. The organisers of a new international competition Convenient Truths have drummed up almost US$30,000 in prizes – that’s over £15,000 – to be awarded for videos that show an actionable, inspiring solution to even part of the problem.

Do you have an idea for a video on how to save the planet? It doesn’t have to be glossy, slick or have high production values – it could be something you snap in 60 seconds on your mobile phone camera as you cycle to the office, or a comedy about the stinking pile of compost you’ve collected, taken on your old VHS video camera that’s been sitting in the cupboard since we all went digital.

The organisers of Convenient Truths were inspired by Al Gore’s documentary on climate change, An Inconvenient Truth. They say “An Inconvenient Truth presented a problem - we want you to show us how to solve this problem”. Videos can discuss anything to do with daily life including transportation, home and garden, work, recreation, etc, and the subsequent actions being taken to reduce one's carbon footprint. To be eligible for the EPIC International Prize you also need to address issues of conscious consumerism and its relationship to global warming.

Any kind of action you're taking to lessen your own greenhouse gas emissions can be worthy of a contest video. The entries featured on the competition site already include cartoons, a short documentary about students at an Automotive High School converting a diesel car to run on French fry grease from their cafeteria, a mockumentary featuring two girls going “toxless” with household cleaning products, gasmasks, and wearing little else, and a very cheesy fictional story about a father and son keeping up with the “Greens” next door.

The competition is supported by www.inspiredprotagonist.com. Judges, who include David Suzuki and Daryl Hannah, are looking for videos that are inspiring, pragmatic and compelling, and between 1 and 2 minutes long. The medley of sustainable prizes up for grabs includes eco trips to Alaska, carbon footprint offsetting, and a range of sustainable goodies, as well as the warm feelings that result from being a "green" citizen of planet earth. Entries must be received by 28 February 2007.

Source: Artshub.com.au


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