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143 Million People Watched Video on the Internet in 2011.

9 January 2012
While online video continues to grow, traditional TV is still king, according to the summary of the 2011 State of the Media report Nielsen released Friday.
Nielsen found that a solid 143 million people are watching video on the Internet, but 288 million are still watching content on their regular television sets. In a year that welcomed many new TVs to the market and saw many TV manufacturers struggle, these stats show that the television remains a central device in the American home.
To put that into perspective, Nielsen said 30 million people are consuming media on their mobile phones, a device for which ownership is growing at a rapid pace.
Nielsen said 290 million people and 114.7 million households in the U.S. own at least one TV. One out of three households (35.9 million) own four or more TVs.
Americans are spending an average of 32 hours and 47 minutes per week watching content on a traditional TV, whereas they spend three hours and 58 minutes each week watching via the Internet on a computer, and just seven minutes a week on a mobile device.
Additionally, there is a huge gap between the number-one online video site and the other top destinations. YouTube is top in terms of unique viewers with 126.5 million per month, while Vevo is second with 39.5 million unique viewers. Yahoo, Facebook, and MSN/Windows rounded out the top five video destinations.
Netflix is top when it comes to the places where people spend the most time watching video. Nielsen said the average person spends roughly 10 hours a month on Netflix. YouTube isn't exactly a close second, either. According to Nielsen, the average person spends two hours and 52 minutes viewing content on the Google-owned platform, followed by (two hours, 34 minutes), Hulu (two hours, 26 minutes), and Megavideo (two hours, 20 minutes).
Nielsen also gave a picture of what the mobile market was like in 2011. Though smartphone ownership is growing, feature phones still own a majority (57 percent) of the space. Android is the top platform with 43 percent, and Apple landed in the second spot with 28 percent. Research in Motion, which had a rough year, took third with 18 percent, followed by Windows Phone (7 percent).
Source: PC Magazine
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