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Vuzix intros iPhone, iPod compatible Wrap Video Eyewear.

5 November 2009
Vuzix has launched a new line of sunglasses-styled Wrap video eyewear products, which lets users view a video picture close up, and promises to recreate the experience of sitting in your living room watching a large screen.

The Wrap product range claims to offer a virtual viewing choice from 44 inch to 67 inches including the ability to video and audio content, via built in earphones, 3D images and streaming content. The Top Ten Most Forgotten Things When building a Disaster Recovery Plan: Download now

The range is compatible with devices which have composite video-out and comes complete with an iPhone and iPod adaptor. Macworld demoed the range at a London press launch on Tuesday, with a selection of content including watching BBC iPlayer streaming from an iPhone, a 3D demo showreel and augmented reality alien invasion.

The Wrap video eyewear will also connect to, with the appropriate cable adaptor, camcorders, portable DVD players, computers and game consoles.

Three versions of the Wrap eyewear are currently available. The Wrap 230 costs £129.99 (US$214), Wrap 280 Widescreen is £179.99, and the flagship Wrap 920 costs £249.99. All prices include VAT.

The Vuzix Wrap Video Eyewear range is available from major outlets including Apple, Play, Menkind high street stores and Vuzix direct.

Vuzix manufactures and sells video eyewear for the entertainment, defence, industrial and low vision medical markets.
Source: By Nick Spence , , 11/05/2009
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