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Content and viewing experience to drive video consumption on Portable Multimedia Players, says report by Parks Associates

September 17, 2007 – A new report from Parks Associates has found that compelling video content and a quality viewing experience are more important to consumers than the cost of the content for watching video on next-generation Portable Multimedia players (PMPs).

The report, entitled “Portable Multimedia Players: Analysis and Forecasts, Second Edition”, is based on analysis that groups PMP owner’s perceptions on 12 individual video consumption factors into five major usage driver categories.

The results found that 43-44% of owners choose appealing video content and optimised video viewing experience as their top motivations to watch more videos on the portable platform, compared to 33% who are motivated by the cost of the content. 19% of respondents were motivated by personalisation and connectivity features, and 16% were motivated by ease of use.

“The PMP market has not reached one tenth of its potential yet, and this data explains why,” commented Harry Wang, Senior Analyst for Parks Associates and author of the report. “None of the PMP vendors have a perfect score on these five mega factors, although Apple clearly leads the pack in fulfilling the high-ranking needs of the PMP early adopters.”

Wang added that while Apple is close to having a ‘dream device’ for portable video, following the updating of its product range, recent tension with NBC Universal has revealed an increasing uneasiness by the content industry towards Apple’s market prowess, especially on the video side. “If they act quickly enough, Apple’s competitors can take advantage of this rare showing of vulnerability in otherwise a seamless execution of the iPod+iTunes model.”

Source: www.connected-home-news.com

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