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Multimedia car radio of the future

Americans may enjoy the services of XM and Sirius Radio, but the satellite radio industry in Europe is quite at a nascent stage. Working on the similar premise of the dish antenna for TV, ESA and their nine partners have labored for three long years and are coming out with a satellite car radio that will change the face of the radio industry in Europe for good. The prototype of this radio will be demonstrated at the Noordwijk Space Expo on Thursday 25 January.

Saying goodbye to signal loss in tunnels, cracking voices and static noise, this multimedia car radio is just the beginning of the good times to come. Keeping the sleek looks of the car in mind, it will have no large dish antenna on the roof, but a specially designed mobile antenna, flattened so that it can be built almost invisibly into the bodywork. Instead of new satellites and a network of ground-based transmitters the ESA system uses only existing communication satellites.

Due to the advanced technology used (cache memory), received signals can be stored and can be played back later. So in case you need to make that restroom stop in the middle of your fav song you could pause the song, you can even select a part of the broadcast to listen to.

Source: About-electronics.eu


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