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Welcome to MovieToolbox Affiliate Program!

Everyone is offered an opportunity to make money with us. The concept is simple: you post MovieToolbox link on your website. Our system marks users who click the link from your site. When a user buys MovieToolbox software, a certain amount is credited to your account.
We perfectly understand that searching for a customer is equally important as creating a product and that is why we credit to your account 50% of the amount paid by a customer. In addition, the system registers not only sales but registration in the MovieToolbox Affiliate Program. 10% of the orders, earned by the Program participants who learned about the Affiliate Program through your site, will also be credited to your account. All payments are made through PayPal upon reaching a certain limit on your account.
So, if you made up your mind you are welcome to register in MovieToolbox Affiliate Program and make money with us!
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